Filling The Gap

RYSE Asset Management LLP is an investment management and advisory boutique tailored for high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions that seeks to facilitate investments into early stage companies pursuing innovative disruptive technologies across a number of sectors. Other investments where RYSE has a well-established track record include direct and indirect real estate investment opportunities.

RYSE was incorporated as a Limited Liability Partnership and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct investment advisory, wealth and investment management activities, with sufficient scope to manage funds and provide advice to professional clients and eligible counterparties.

RYSE was founded to seize the opportunity offered by new and changing regulatory regimes in Europe, the consolidation in the Wealth Management and Private Banking universe and the continuous search of investors for bespoke services. Our goal is to fill the gap between the private banks, investment managers and financial advisors, providing a comprehensive and consolidated offering under RYSE.