Investment Management

RYSE seeks to generate above average rates of return with an acceptable level of risk in all market cycles by providing a diversified solution for investors seeking exposure to longer-term alternative investment opportunities.

RYSE specialises in real assets and innovative disruptive technologies and is able to provide access to investments that can:

  • Provide capital preservation;
  • Generate a regular income;
  • Provide long term upside participation;
  • Protect the investment against the effects of inflation;
  • Diversify the investment portfolio.

Real Assets

The term real assets refers to a broad category of investment options that are characterised by the fact that they carry some form of security or tangibility.

Real assets can play a crucial part in any investment portfolio - including those with a focus on capital preservation and income - due to their relatively low correlation to the broader equity and credit markets.

Real Estate

Direct and indirect real estate investment has provided an attractive investment alternative for many years and will likely continue to do so in the future. When discussing real estate, we like to differentiate between actually owning the underlying physical real estate asset and owning securities, fund units or shares that represent an interest in real estate or real estate assets.

Physically owning real estate can provide an excellent store of value and a hedge against inflation. Rental properties (whether residential or commercial) can also provide relatively consistent cash flow for investors seeking income.

Another way of gaining exposure to real estate is to purchase securities backed by real estate assets or portfolio of assets.

RYSE offers both solutions by providing its investors with access to cherry-picked investment and development projects and via its Stretch Senior Debt Vehicle. RYSE undertakes full due diligence and analysis on the underlying real estate asset or security in order to determine the quality of security and how stable the cash flows are likely to be.

Disruptive Technologies

Innovation technologies are innovations that create a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances.

Early-stage or angel investing quite often offers potentially very compelling investment returns but it can also be the most risky. As a result, joining RYSE in its diversified approach may be a more suitable solution by piggy backing off its thorough due diligence and screening process in order to source the most interesting investment opportunities across multiple sectors whilst benefiting from diversifying the investment risks across a portfolio of potentially high growth companies.

We aim to achieve a high level of diversification and – at the same time – specialisation via our Early Stage Opportunity Fund while taking advantage of the favourable fiscal efficacies currently offered by businesses registered for EIS/SEIS, qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR) and potentially also be eligible for UK Tier 1 investment qualification.