Our partner in the lauch of our Investment Programme is DigitalHealth.London. As part of their continuing ambition to facilitate the adoption of digital health innovations within the NHS to benefit patients and the health service itself, they have developed a joined-up support infrastructure that has already provided assistance to a number of entrepreneurs and helped to enable access to private funding.

Through initiatives such as the DH.L Accelerator and the RYSE Early Stage Investment Programme, as well as broader ecosystem events such as summits and networking opportunities, Digital Health.London helps high-potential, ‘best of breed’ innovators maximise their potential benefit to the healthcare system.

Their work helps innovators:

  • shape their product development to meet need and expectations within the NHS
  • navigate their way through the complex NHS landscape
  • gain access to funding at each stage of development

DigitalHealth.London has a record of raising the profile of proven innovations, helping promote wider and faster adoption and market impact. This includes providing a gateway to the UK Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs), and the NHS Innovation Accelerator. This aims to speed up the adoption of innovation at scale, ensuring that more patients benefit from emerging new technology, in shorter time frames.

Their unique position at the centre of developing conversations and projects about the future of digital technology in healthcare has shone light on the real issues, concerns, and needs of the NHS marketplaces, and enabled us to better support the development of technologies to meet those issues and concerns.

“Nowhere else do we find the capacity to create a single source of advice on how to make digital health innovation exist within the NHS, and to reach the next audience."
Sam Shah, clinician and Director for Digital Development at NHS England.