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RYSE companies, launched via investor partnerships in 2018/19, 2019/20, 2022/23, are achieving global growth and scale during the rise of a digital first model of healthcare delivery.

Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics specialises in cancer screening for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. The company invested heavily in their AI technology with the potential to revolutionise the process of diagnosis and management of skin cancer, and has validated their proprietary technology in two large research studies.

Skin Analytics won the 2018 UKBAA Best AI Investment, 2018 Advance Queensland Ignite Grant, and have received several other awards and grants. They are expanding further, into public and private healthcare markets, in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company has entered into agreements in primary care, and has commercial contracts with private medical insurers and providers.

Skin Analytics raised funding to finalise the first prospective clinical study in applying AI to dermatology, secure regulatory approvals, and develop the high-calibre team to deploy the technology into patient care pathways.

“RYSE have given us excellent access to leading NHS initiatives, those behind them, as well as the strategic support needed to get our technology to the point it will positively impact patients and the healthcare service".
Neil Daly, Founder of Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics Logo


LiveSmart provides pathology-based health assessments, digital health data tracking, reporting and behavioural change programmes, alongside one-to-one health coaching services led by their medical team.

LiveSmart participated in the RYSE DigitalHealth.London Investment Programme to gain the further technological validation of their product through the panel of reviewers and to benefit from RYSE’s experienced network.

The company's development focus is via commercial partnerships with health insurers, other intermediaries, in additional to a direct to consumer model. Their partnership with AXA PPP has provided LiveSmart a mark of pre-approval and global access to over 100 million customers.

LiveSmart raised funding to expand sales into other geographical jurisdictions, secure additional long-term partnerships internationally in the insurance market, and to further improve their product.

“Navigating the digital healthcare landscape is complex. Choosing to work with specialists like RYSE was a no brainer for us. Their deep knowledge and understanding of the health and funding environment will continue to be a major advantage for us moving forward”.
Alex Heaton, Founder of LiveSmart

LiveSmart Logo


Digi.me is an ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services. Working toward a decentralised future for data privacy and security.

Data can be added to a library from thousands of different sources, including social, financial, and healthcare. The user owns the library and keeps it on their choice of secure cloud storage. The user can share data with 3rd parties directly from their device, enabling complete control over privacy.

Based in the UK, digi.me has grown to over 60 people with offices in France, Iceland, Australia, and the US.

Digi.me raised £18 million funding in this round. They have a fully developed product that is currently being used by dozens of market partners including Facebook.

“It has become clear that society needs solutions that empower individuals and governments to do more with greater access to data without infringing on personal privacy and freedom”.

digi.me Logo


Knokcare is a simplified telemedicine solution for virtual consultations through a combination of triage, scheduling, record keeping, and integration with healthcare providers.

Knokcare’s product, Panacea, aims to be the reference white label provider for virtual consultations. Panacea incorporates clinical support, for both patient and clinician (integrated web and mobile apps), which integrate seamlessly into the existing patient journey and connect with enterprise systems.

The company is active, in both Europe and the Americas, and has entered into commercial contracts with private medical insurers and corporate providers.

Knokcare raised funding in this round to further develop Panacea for use in the European market.

“RYSE gives us great access to UK based clinical and technology talent. We are excited to work with RYSE given their previous experience supporting companies with medical insurer and corporate distribution channels”.
José Bastos, Co-founder of Knokcare

Knok Logo

Log my Care

Log my Care is a care management software that is improving care coordination and communication in social care. Specifically, it has been designed for and by carers.

Log my Care’s product enables care planning from a smart management system and saves a carer's time with an easy to use mobile app. It runs on most mobile devices and is designed to allow carers to easily record and coordinate care on the go.

The company has experienced rapid organic growth in the UK and has entered into agreements with several care home groups.

Log my Care raised £600k funding in this round to further develop their freemium product for use in the European market.

“RYSE provide access to invaluable healthcare providers and payors. We look forward to working with RYSE in the next phase of our growth and distribution in order to bring social care into the 21st century”.
Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care

Log my Care Logo


Firza provides a digital workforce based solution that addresses the medication management needs within primary healthcare, including GP surgeries, community pharmacies, prisons, and care homes.

Firza’s product allows primary healthcare practices to adjust to changes in demand and to respond with a solution that integrates into the team’s existing workflow. They have utilised professional skills, experience, and technology to validate opportunities for cost efficiencies and value-based healthcare.

The company has demonstrated significant revenue growth and has entered into agreements with multinational healthcare providers.

Firza raised funding in this round to further develop their Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and scalability of their product.

“RYSE are experienced in accessing the primary healthcare and medical insurer markets in the UK. We’re delighted to be working with RYSE in the next phase of our growth, in order to deliver technology and digital services for the modern day General Practice”.
Asim Mirza, Founder of Firza

Firza Logo


MediShout provides mobile and web based healthcare reporting software to quickly, and accurately, report logistical issues to increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery.

MediShout’s product allows healthcare providers to prioritise problems and predictive software analytics prevent equipment issues! The company launched their application with healthcare providers and works with suppliers to integrate communication in the clinical setting.

The company is active in NHS hospitals, and clinics, and allows healthcare providers to instantly report any issues encountered. Users simply select their location, describe their problem, add a photo, and press Shout!

MediShout raised seed funding, was awarded an Innovate UK grant, and is a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme.

“RYSE has provided us with a first seed round of funding to develop our reach into the broader healthcare market. We are excited to work with them - to address some of the key issues in our healthcare supply chain - for the benefit of our valued healthcare providers and patients”.
Dr Ashish Kalraiya, Founder of MediShout

MediShout Logo


Oto builds digital therapeutics that allows instant access to an evidence based therapy app for tinnitus – a debilitating condition affecting 1 in 8 people. Their vision is simple: a world where everyone can live without intrusion from tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a growing problem globally and the treatment landscape is changing in the UK – new guidelines by National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) recommend digital tinnitus-related cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as first line treatment.

Oto’s tinnitus relief therapy product is live on the App Store and Google Play.

Oto is raising £850k in this round and is a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme.

“Tinnitus is a condition that has long been underfunded and underserved. RYSE’s healthcare and funding network will help us improve tinnitus management for millions around the world”.
Dr Edmund Farrar, Co-founder of Oto

Oto Logo


Healthera is the leading online healthcare prescription marketplace platform through the largest digital platform of pharmacies and GPs in the UK.

The company is the only B2B2C marketplace in this space, offering a quick and seamless prescription experience for patients and pharmacies. With this unique model, they can offer a faster, more scalable service than online pharmacies without incurring any of the logistics and admin costs.

Healthera’s pharmacy’s NHS prescription delivery product is live on the App Store and Google Play, NHS App Library with 4.7+ star ratings.

Healthera is raising £3m in this round and, since 2018, has scaled to over 1,100 pharmacies and handled over 2 million prescription items.

“We have allowed the long tail of local pharmacies to benefit from the rapid digitalisation accelerated by Covid-19, while also providing white label capabilities to larger multinational pharmacies such as Superdrug. We are very excited by the opportunity to work together with RYSE as we continue to develop the healthcare marketplace based on our network of pharmacies at an impressive rate”.
Quintus Liu, Founder of Healthera

Healthera Logo

Vigilent Labs

Vigilent Labs provides RAPID, Point of Care testing solutions. In addition to accurate testing, we use laboratory and other pertinent data to create a secure bio-surveillance system for a broad range of disease states for clients including schools, public health, public safety, first responders, military, and corporations.

Vigilent Labs has developed a comprehensive point-of-care “Lab In Your Hand” with near real-time global, regional, and local tracking of disease. The company provides lateral flow immunoassays for point of care tests, a unique digital health credential (v.PASS) and Web-portal solution (VLMS) tied into open architecture databases, and displays for managing health information at an organisational level.

The company has substantial experience in the development of health surveillance technologies and medical devices in partnership with the U.S. military, governments and public providers.

Vigilent Labs is raising seed funding to develop a unique set of capabilities well suited for end-to-end response to COVID-19 and is building out its pipeline of detection & diagnostics to expand its platform.

“Bio-Testing, Detection & Diagnostics to protect public safety is a field which requires multi-stakeholder collaboration. RYSE provides us incredible expertise and access to support the rapid distribution of our technology to positively impact our global healthcare system”.
John M. Falk, President and Founder of Vigilent Labs

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