FT: RYSE comments on UK healthcare innovation

A clutch of members at the digital health business incubator demonstrate their products to the FT.

Katerina Spranger, the founder of Oxford Heartbeat, shows imaging technology that helps surgeons insert stents and Tom Whicher, the founder of DrDoctor, explains how his platform helps patients view, schedule and change outpatient appointments by smartphone.

The Health Foundry is just one element of a thriving UK ecosystem serving entrepreneurs and start-ups in the health sector. It has 170 members across 120 companies and is the UK’s only co-working space dedicated to digital health, says Sinead Mac Manus, its start-up and innovation manager. It also helps guide start-ups through the labyrinthine processes of NHS purchasing decisions.

“Health tech entrepreneurs are not short of great ideas in the UK and in fact there is a lot of support for innovation from government funding to incubators like Health Foundry. Where we are lagging behind other countries is having clear routes to adopting innovations,” says Ms Mac Manus, adding that the NHS is effectively thousands of organisations, each of which needs a bespoke approach."

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