Funding totalling £4.5m raised for start-ups to help combat COVID-19

At a time when investment and funding prospects for the healthtech and life science industry have dried up, and some investors have reneged on deals due to COVID-19: LiveSmart, Knok Healthcare, Log My Care, Firza, and MediShout are among the start-ups to receive funding.

"Busy clinical working environments are faced with logistical issues that can create delays and increase the cost of care delivery. This has been particularly apparent during the pandemic where efficient redeployment of resources is paramount".

"Virtual consultations, workforce optimisation solutions for primary healthcare providers, platforms for digital virus tracking and care home digitalisation, and reporting solutions for logistical and medical supply issues for helpdesk prioritisation are just some of the innovations to receive investment".

You can read the full article on the MedTech News website here.