LiveSmart on creating a culture of wellbeing

Does leading by example always work? How to create a culture of wellbeing

Resilience, authenticity and open communication are the secret ingredients that promote a culture of wellbeing, according to five SME owners and a wellbeing expert, who shared their experiences at a roundtable hosted by Real Business and AXA PPP healthcare.

Checking in with your team can help you actually improve their lives at work, says Alex Heaton. “At LiveSmart we live and breathe our values. We provide employee health assessments and coaching, so we approach wellbeing with data-driven insights based on each employee’s individual health profile” he adds. This data-led approach is a natural starting point for a wider discussion on wellbeing.

“Start with data. We run businesses based on numbers. Those numbers can be different for each business, but using data to identify where your team needs support in terms of wellbeing is a game-changer. Use data to build a strategy and you can measure improvements and understand how your initiatives affect the bottom-line now and in the future.” – Alex Heaton

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