Case study: Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics specialises in screening for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. The company invested heavily in technology with the potential to disrupt the process of diagnosis and management of skin cancer, and has validated their proprietary technology in two large studies.

Skin Analytics recently won the 2018 UKBAA Best AI Investment, 2018 Advance Queensland Ignite Grant, and have received several other awards and grants. They are on the path to expanding further, into private and public healthcare markets, in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company has now already entered into primary care agreements, as well as commercial contracts with private medical insurers and providers.

Skin Analytics raised £1.6m funding in this round. This was from RYSE and other investors, to finalise the first prospective clinical study in applying AI to dermatology, secure regulatory approval, and bring on the high-calibre team to deploy the technology into several patient pathways.

“RYSE and DH.L have given us great access to leading NHS initiatives, those behind them, as well as the financial support needed to get our technology to the point it will positively impact patients and the healthcare service."
Neil Daly, CEO Skin Analytics

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Case study: LiveSmart

LiveSmart provides pathology-based health assessments, digital health data tracking, reporting and behavioural change programmes, alongside one-to-one health coaching services led by their medical team.

RYSE provides entrepreneurs access to the information they need in order to raise grants or private funding at each stage of their development. LiveSmart were keen to participate in the RYSE Early Stage Investment Programme to gain the further technological validation of their product through the panel of DH.L reviewers.

The company's development focus is to form commercial partnerships with health insurers and other intermediaries. Their most recent partnership has provided LiveSmart a stamp of pre-approval and global access to over 100 million of their customers.

LiveSmart raised £1.25m funding in this round. This was to expand sales into other geographical jurisdictions, secure additional long-term partnerships with other substantial players in the insurance market, and to improve their technology.

“Navigating the digital healthcare landscape is complex. Choosing to work with specialists like RYSE and DH.L was a no brainer for us. Their deep knowledge and understanding of the health and funding environment will continue to be a major advantage for us moving forward.”
Alex Heaton, CEO LiveSmart

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Case study: digi.me

Digi.me is a new ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services.

Data can be added to a library from thousands of different sources, including social, financial, and healthcare. The user owns the library and keeps it on their choice of secure cloud storage. The user can share data with 3rd parties directly from their device, enabling complete control over privacy.

Based in the UK, digi.me has grown to over 60 people with offices in France, Iceland, Australia, and the US.

Digi.me raised £18 million funding in this round. They have a fully developed product that is currently being used by dozens of market partners including Facebook.

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